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Protoflight Flight Schools Minnesota

Protoflight Flight Schools Minnesota is here to assist you in living the fantasy of becoming a pilot. Protoflight Flight Schools Minnesota offers a wide range of pilot training programs from the very best schools in Minnesota. Whether you are beginning with an amazing Discovery Flight, or intend to advance even more for a license, our flying lesson experts are ready and waiting to place you in the best school for you!

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Minnesota Flight Schools

Flight Schools Minnesota offers thorough insight and guidance of a seasoned professional to aid potential pilots-in-training in their advancement towards their final flight goals. Our large range of available flight training curriculums cater to a diverse array of passions, as we commit ourselves to supplying a regulatory and comprehensive program specifically customized to suit your career ambitions.

Minnesota Discovery Flights

Regardless of your individual motives and allied aspirations, our overriding suggestion for the start of your instruction is a Minnesota Discovery Flight. We use dynamic means to instill a practical understanding of the essential machinations of an airplane and the beginners acclimation to actual flight. Additionally, it integrates 10-30 minutes of actual flight time with your experienced instructor featuring 5-15 minutes of you piloting solo. This discovery flight is recorded by your instructor as your preliminary investment into your hopefully long and successful flight career.

Protoflight Flight Schools Minnesota Gift Certificates

Separate yourself from the continual stale gift card, and give someone the adventure of a lifetime! Our diverse selection of flight experiences accomodate a wide variety of interests, each adventure is sure to necessitate a reaction of beyond just the simple "thank you." Give someone a certificate of excitement as they defy the laws of gravity in the skies above Minnesota's stunning landscape.